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Employee Directory

Management Team

Title Name Email Phone
President/Chief Executive Officer J. Lamar Roberts 321-328-1414
Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Jorge Sanchez 407-588-3214
Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Officer Stewart A.Grashoff 321-328-1381
Senior Vice President/ Chief Lending Officer
NMLS ID 372116
Robert Good 321-328-1394
Vice President/Human Resources/ Assistant to the President Kelly Boerlin 321-328-1416
Vice President/Compliance Officer Dawn West 321-328-1395


Business Development/Marketing Team

Title Name Email Phone
Vice President/Business Development
NMLS ID 409376
Sue Eastling-Chastain 321-328-1370
Marketing and Relationship Manager
NMLS ID 1092271
Dominick Damico 321-328-1365


Merritt Island Team 321-452-0011

Title Name Email Phone
Customer Service Lynn Forst 321-328-1363
Customer Service Hiromi Bennett 321-328-1361
Teller BJ Fitch 321-328-1387
Retail Department Assistant Debbie Powell 321-328-1377


Longwood Team 407-830-4404

Title Name Email Phone
Vice President/Retail Manager Helen Barnabei 407-588-3212
Customer Service Eileen Hamel 407-588-3213
 Vice President/Operations Linda Foster 407-588-3203


Lending Team

Title Name Email Phone
Vice President/Commercial Lender Fred Williams 321-328-1376
Commercial Lender
NMLS ID 776580
Lory Milton 321-328-1368
Commercial Lender
NMLS ID 729712
Ada Reneau 407-588-3205
Commercial Lender Milton Carroll 407-588-3218
Vice President/Residential Mortgage Lender
NMLS ID 409402
Joy Winslow 321-328-1382
Vice President/Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager
NMLS ID 374605
Kevin Metoff 321-328-1409
Vice President/Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager
NMLS ID 1181529
Roy Steiner 407-588-3211
Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager
NMLS ID 1169059
Sheri Chamberlain 321-328-1406