Our Service Pledge

Our personal pledge to extend World Class Service

  • We will present a positive impression to customers with a neat appearance.
  • We will greet customers with a smile, eye contact and positive body language.
  • We will acknowledge customers as soon as they approach.
  • We will be the first to verbally welcome and say farewell to all customers.
  • We will answer the phone within two rings, identify myself, and offer a welcoming salutation.
  • If we know your name, we will use it! If we don’t we will learn it.
  • We will respond promptly to customer requests and inquiries.
  • We will practice active listening skills to show respect and ensure I understand the customer requirements.
  • We will strive to consistently provide helpful and accurate information and make valuable recommendations.
  • We will conclude each customer experience by asking if there is anything else we can do for them.